The Hindu Declaration on Climate Change is a global call to the 900 million Hindus living worldwide to lead lives in harmony and balance with the natural world. It also asks world leaders to find long and lasting solutions to climate change at the upcoming climate negotiations in Paris (COP21). 


Excerpt from the Hindu Declaration on Climate Change: 

[W]e call on all Hindus to expand our conception of dharma. We must consider the effects of our actions not just on ourselves and those humans around us, but also on all beings. We have a dharmic duty for each of us to do our part in ensuring that we have a functioning, abundant, and bountiful planet.


Climate change creates pain, suffering, and violence. Unless we change how we use energy, how we use the land, how we grow our crops, how we treat other animals, and how we use natural resources, we will only further this pain, suffering, and violence. On a personal basis, we can reduce this suffering by beginning to transform our habits, simplifying our lives and material desires, and not taking more than our reasonable share of resources. Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the single most powerful acts that a person can take in reducing environmental impact. In doing all of this, we help maintain the ecological and cosmic order, an order that allows life and existence to flourish.

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  • signed 2017-10-19 22:41:19 -0400
    I fully support all temples to financially support ahimsa items (non-factory farmed dairy) by only offering dairy products from protected cows.

    I am a second-initiated servant member of ISKCON and a vegan for most of my 56 years. Thank you for standing up against cruelty, violence and hypocrisy. Hare Krishna!
  • signed 2017-10-10 08:33:32 -0400
  • signed 2017-09-02 00:37:36 -0400
    I have great interest on climate change issues. Pls. Let me keep informed in all the programmes related to this .
  • signed 2017-03-20 18:03:13 -0400
    This is my mission. I’m vegan and spreading the message to all Indian temples to take the pledge and be cruelty free temple. No dairy. Also a pure Ahimsa temple. For the planet, for the cows, for our health. Please help me anyway you can, on my project. I live Houston TX
  • signed 2017-02-18 16:31:54 -0500
  • signed 2017-02-17 14:20:31 -0500
    Jili Brown